International Republican Institute: political parties should accept election results, 1 Dec 2018 - 18:35, Tbilisi,Georgia

The President of the International Republican Institute (IRI) Daniel Twining recommends political powers in Georgia to start preparing for the 2020 parliamentary elections instead of organising protest rallies.

In an interview with the Georgian Bureau of Voice of America he said that the IRI is going to continue working with local political parties to make sure their campaigns are more socially oriented and proactive.

“Despite the parties having the right to appeal we think that the call to start long term demonstrations hinder the democratic process. We hope that the political parties not only recognise the results of the presidential elections but also start actively preparing for the future and especially for the 2020 parliamentary Elections,” reads the IRI quotation by VOA.

The IRI has also expressed readiness to further work with the parties for strengthening the democratic institutions in Georgia as the strength of Georgian democracy is an important prerequisite for the country's Euro-Atlantic aspirations.