PM on planned opposition rally: If anyone acts out, we will act within law

  • Georgian Prime minister says that if any of the “irresponsible individuals or leaders” try to act out in the country, they will be held accountable for this within the law. Photo: Prime Minister’s press office., 30 Nov 2018 - 14:43, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Prime Minister has responded to a planned opposition rally on Sunday and stated that if anyone at the manifestation tries to create destabilization, they will be held accountable within the law.

Everyone has the right of expression and the right is protected by the constitution.  However, at the same time, if anyone tries to act out, we will act within the law.

Two million Georgian voters participated in the presidential elections and everyone should respect the choice of the Georgian people.  We will not allow for revolutionary scenarios or confrontations. The elections are over and we should return to normal, everyday life, as much is to be done and many challenges need to be overcome,” Bakhtadze said.

Deputy Interior Minister Natia Mezvrishvili stated that police will provide public safety at the rally and all possible incidents will be responded to within the law.

The candidate of the united opposition Grigol Vashadze stated yesterday that he does not recognise the election results and demanded snap parliamentary elections be held.

He called upon opposition supporters to gather at a rally on Rustaveli Avenue in central Tbilisi on Sunday.

The Georgian Dream ruling party endorsed presidential candidate Salome Zurabishvili received 59.52 per cent of the vote and became the first female president elected in Georgia and the region.

Opposition coalition candidate Grigol Vashadze was supported by 40.48 per cent of voters in the 28 November race.