Georgian Defence Minister: we will continue to buy armaments from the US

  • Georgian Defence Minister Levan Izoria says that Georgia has initiated an additional format of cooperation with NATO. Photo: Defence Ministry press office., 8 Oct 2018 - 15:49, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Defence Minister Levan Izoria says that the country will continue to buy military armaments from the United States.

Izoria stated today in the wake of the NATO  Defence Ministerial last week that the US has “faith in Georgia” and the faith was built due to successful Georgian reforms in the defence field.

I had a long conversation with  the US defence secretary, who thanked me for the exemplary reforms we have carried out in the defence field,” Izoria said.

Izoroia stated that US support for Georgia “is really stunning,” which is revealed in military trainings and the “huge financial support.”

Izoria also said that Georgia has initiated a broader format of cooperation with NATO.

We have initiated the creation of the NATO-Georgia Readiness Centre in Georgia and the initiative has been positively perceived.

We will work in the coming months to draft the details of the initiative,” Izoria said.

He said that large-scale NATO-Georgia drills in March 2019 will be one more signal about the “new stage” in the relations of Georgia and the alliance.