Saperavi Khashmi added to list of Georgian appellation wines, 12 Jul 2018 - 15:18, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian wine variety Saperavi Khashmi has been added to the list of protected Georgian appellation wines.

This decision indicates the diversity of Georgian wine and its varietal richness, which is especially important in terms of the popularisation of Georgian wine and the growth of export potential”, read the press release published by the Georgian National Wine Agency.

Saperavi Khashmi is a red dry wine from Khashmi micro-district, located in Georgia's Sagarejo municipality.

The geographical location of the Khashmi micro-zone, the transitive climate from dry subtropical to moderately humid subtropics and brown carbonate soils make for the special properties of the Saperavi Khashmi wine.

Until now, there were 18 Georgian appellation wines registered in Georgia: Khvanchkara, Mukuzani, Tsinandali, Akhasheni, Gurjaani, Kindzmarauli, Manavi, Kakheti, Napareuli, Teliani, Ateni, Sviri, Vazisubani, Kardenakhi, Tibaani, Tvishi, Kvareli and Kotekhi.

The National Wine National Agency addressed the National Intellectual Property Center - "Sakpatenti" for the registration of Saperavi Khashmi last year.