MIA starts investigation into confrontation between Georgians and foreigners in Gudauri resort

Agenda.ge, 10 Jun 2018 - 16:46, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has started an investigation into charges of violence regarding a confrontation between citizens of Georgia and Ukraine in Gudauri resort which started on June 8 and continued the next day, this time involving citizens of Russia.

During the conflict, Georgian paragliders assaulted Ukrainians renting paraplane landing spots near Gudauri.

The MIA says the first stage of investigation shows that the paragliders accidentally landed on territory rented by the Ukrainians which brought about the owners’ discontent and resulted in a conflict between the two sides. 

"Within the ongoing investigation, the police has inspected the place of incident and all the three victims were summoned. On the other hand, an appropriate investigation is being carried out,” the MIA said today.

The conflict started on June 8 and continued next day when Georgians involved in the previous incident did not allow Russian paragliders to move towards the paragliding territory. 

As a result of the confrontation Georgian paragliders assaulted two citizens of the Russian Federation - Sergei Dementiev and Fyodor Chelishev as well as damaged their cars. 

"Fyodor Chelishev was injured during the conflict and is currently receiving medical treatment at a Tbilisi hospital and his life is not in danger,” the MIA explained, adding that measures are being taken to identify those who committed the crime. 

Russian citizen Fyodor Chelishev was quoted by Georgian media as saying the conflict happened because Georgians, also offering the paraplane service, tried to hamper other players on the market. He called on the Georgian government to find out the details of "the criminal gang” to ensure their activities will not affect the country’s international reputation.