Foreign firefighting crews leave Georgia as Borjomi Gorge wildfire is “fully liquidated”, 28 Aug 2017 - 13:37, Tbilisi,Georgia

The forest fire in Georgia’s Borjomi Gorge has been extinguished and firefighting crews from neighbouring countries are leaving the gorge.

Azerbaijani helicopters and Armenian firefighting engines left Georgia this morning.

Belarusian and Turkish helicopters still remain in the area but they will leave soon too.

Last night Interior Minister Giorgi Mgebrishvili announced that the massive forest fire in Borjomi Gorge, that broke out a week ago, had been "fully liquidated”.

Despite the fire being put out, Georgian firefighters will still remain in the gorge for several more days in order to make sure no complications take place.

"Last night there was the strongest wind in Borjomi Gorge during the past week, but none of the fire pockets have been revived, which makes us hopeful that the fire will not start again”, Mgebrishvili said.

A helicopter being pulled out of the river. Photo: Interior Ministry's press office.

Meanwhile this morning, a Georgian helicopter that made an emergency landing in a river yesterday, has been pulled out of the water.

Mgebrishvili said that measures have been taken to prevent the river and environment contamination.

Experts work to prevent contamination in the area where a helicopter crashed into the river. Photo: Interior Ministry's press office. 

The cause of the forest fire is still unknown. An investigation is launched into the case. Mgebrishvili said this is one of the hardest case to investigate.

A special commission will be set up to define how many hectares of forest have been burnt during the past seven days.