Georgian students top Young Naturalists world rankings, 7 Aug 2017 - 12:57, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Young Naturalists Team is leading the international rankings.

Georgia topped the list of global young naturalists after eight Georgian students won bronze medals at the fifth International Young Naturalists' Tournament in China.

The tournament saw 18 teams from 11 countries compete for the title of the best young naturalists in the world.

Team Georgia at the International Young Naturalists' Tournament in China. Photo source: The Georgian Ministry of Education. 

The International Young Naturalists' Tournament (IYNT) is an inclusive educational network and a prestigious international competition which focuses on student participants aged 12 through 16, the age group that has not yet chosen their favorite area of knowledge. The tournament covers many disciplines including physics, chemistry and biology.

IYNT is meant to bridge gaps between the natural sciences and inspire young students. It aims at promoting the creative potential of teenagers who are eager to explore the world, experiment, work in teams and gain new skills in an international setting.