Prominent Spanish university library set to feature Georgian authors’ books

  • The Mediterranean seaside University of Alicante. Photo: University of Alicante., 26 Jun 2017 - 16:41, Tbilisi,Georgia

Some of the most prominent examples of Georgian literature will become part of the rich collections of Spain's University of Alicante, while archaeologists from the two countries could also hold joint works on sites in Georgia and Spain.

Announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia earlier today, the cooperation between the Spanish university, located on the Mediterranean coast, and the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia was kicked off with a memorandum signed by the two sides in Spain.

Based on the agreement, works by Georgian authors as well as translations into Georgian of some of the most fascinating books by Spanish writers will be available in a Georgian corner of the university.

The Georgian corner will be set up at the university known for its public library:


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Known for its public access library, the Alicante university was established in 1979, with links to its "university studies centre" dating back to 1834.

The new agreement also features the bilateral goal of establishing archaeological cooperation between the two sides, with further deals expected to link Georgian and Spanish archaeologists for joint work.

The talks involved Georgian officials from the Foreign Ministry and University of Alicante president Manuel Palomar, while further meetings involved the Georgian diaspora in Spain.

The Foreign Ministry said meeting of its officials with the official Georgian diaspora organisation resulted in review of "programs and state strategy" for Georgian natives in Spain.