Georgia upgrades gas supply system in eastern region, 14 Jul 2016 - 12:18, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia is continuing to build and rehabilitate the main pipeline in the Kakheti region to safeguard the country’s natural gas supply in its eastern area.

Today the Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) announced Georgian firm Rapid Engineering & Construction Ltd had won the tender and would continue building the Kakheti Main Gas Pipeline.

In particular, Rapid Engineering & Construction Ltd will be responsible for building and rehabilitating the Telavi-Akhmeta 27km section of the Kakheti Main Gas Pipeline.

The GOGC and Rapid Engineering & Construction Ltd have already signed a contract that ensured the construction of the Telavi-Akhmeta section would be completed by February 2017.

The total price of construction of this particular section of Kakheti Main Gas Pipeline was 2,120,000 GEL (about $902,127/€815,384*).

After the completion of the project in early 2017, damped pipes initially built in 1976 will completely be replaced, announced the GOGC.

In the Soviet Union, Kakheti region was supplied with natural gas through the Rustavi-Telavi gas pipeline. In the 1990s, gas delivery to Kakheti region was stopped and pipes were plundered.

The Rustavi-Sagraejo 25km section of the Rustavi-Telavi pipeline was completely stolen at that time.

Currently Kakheti region receives its gas supply only from the Zhinvali branch.

The GOGC said it was necessary to upgrade the Kakheti gas supply system and increase the pipeline performance as well as its reliability.

* Currencies are equivalent with the latest National Bank of Georgia exchange rate.