Base jumper leaps off Tbilisi monument, Batumi hotel roof (VIDEO)

Base jumper Cam Tracey has travelled across Europe and beyond in his search for adventurous locations for the extreme sport. Photo from Base Jumpers Without Borders., 12 Jul 2016 - 18:45, Tbilisi,Georgia

A video of an Austrian man jumping off two high-rise buildings in Georgia has gone viral.

Videos by Austria-based base jumper Cam Tracey are circulating online after the extreme sportsman recorded himself leaping from a monument in capital Tbilisi and a hotel in seaside city Batumi over the space of two weeks.

Tracey, who represents the extreme sports community Base Jumpers Without Borders, travels across the world in search for novel and unexpected places to test his base jumping skills.

The Vienna-based traveller wears a special parachute that opens almost instantly after he jumps, allowing Tracey to leap off relatively low buildings and structures for his feats.

See base jumper Cam Tracey jump from the Tbilisi monument below:

Last weekend, the adventurer shared a video of his jump from the monument A Man and the Sun by Georgian architect Zurab Tsereteli, located near the highway leading from Tbilisi centre to the capital city's International Airport.

While Tracey climbed and jumped the 60m structure, his local team member Ucha Abashidze filmed the exploit using a drone, while three other crew members provided assistance from the ground.

Previously Tracey filmed himself "checking out" from the Sky-G Hotel in Georgia's western seaside resort Batumi by jumping off the building's roof and into the street.

See Cam Tracey jump from the Sky-G Hotel in Batumi below:

The base jumper released a video of his Batumi jump online on June 29.

Tracey has navigated across Europe and beyond in his adventures, jumping from locations including a lighting pole of a football stadium in Vinkovci, Croatia and a tall concrete structure next to the iconic 1981 Soviet monument on Buzludzha peak in Bulgaria.

Founded in 2000, the Base Jumpers Without Borders community works to bring together "people from all nations, colours and creeds" for their travels and entertaining acts.