First University clinic opens in Tbilisi

25 Mar 2015 - 17:44

  • 20 million GEL was spent on opening the first University clinic in Tbilisi., 25 Mar 2015 - 17:44, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Government has teamed up with Tbilisi Medical University to open the first University clinic equipped with modern technology.

The new clinic is located in Sanzona district of Tbilisi on the base of XVIII clinic. The original clinic was built during the Soviet era however over time it was destroyed and became useless.

Today, the clinic has 185 beds and is ready to provide high-level service to  patients including diagnostic radiology.

A total of 25 million GEL was spent on renovating clinic; out of which 5 million GEL was allocated by Georgia’s Ministry of Education.

Georgia’s Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili and Government members visited the newly opened clinic in Tbilisi today.

"Georgia has not had such clinic [before]. You know that the Medical University was seized from several clinics in 2006, which was a big commitment of the previous government. This is a very important project as opening this University clinic will enable students to have theoretical as well as practical knowledge,” Garibashvili said.

It is believed 6,000 Georgian and 2,000 foreign students will be able to have the opportunity to practice their skills in the University Clinic.

In addition, 600 people will be employed in new facility.

Garibashvili said the Government’s goal was to have more qualified medical personnel in Georgia.