Chief Prosecutor’s Office: Alleged murderer of Iuri Vazagashvili arrested

Building of the Georgian Chief Prosecutors Office in Tbilisi; Photo by N. Alavidze /, 08 Feb 2015 - 15:39, Tbilisi,Georgia

The alleged murderer of Iuri Vazagashvili - the man who was killed by an explosion last month while he visited his son's grave – has been identified, arrested and detained.

Today the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia said the alleged murderer was police officer Gia Sosanashvili. The alleged offender's DNA was found on the handle of the hand grenade found at the crime scene, the Office said. 

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Irakli Shotadze did not talk about the possible motive of the murder as he said the investigation was still continuing.

Vazagashvili was the father of Zurab Vazagashvili - the young man who was killed by police in 2006 in controversial circumstances in central Tbilisi. The elder Vazagashvili was killed by an explosion on January 20, 2015, when he visited the grave of his son in his native village.

The elder Vazagashvili’s murder was the reason why former Minister of Internal Affairs Aleksandre Tchikaidze left his post. The ex-minister resigned following I. Vazagashvili's death, saying there were false accusations towards him regarding the man's death. At the time he said he would not have left his post if the investigation into I. Vazagahsvili’s death would be solved in the few days following the crime.

Meanwhile the accused, Sosanashvili is a police officer in southern Georgia’s Tsalka region. If found guilty he will spend up to 14 years behind bars.