Georgia wins dozens of medals at Biathle and Triathle World Championships.

22 Sep 2015 - 18:09

  • Georgia won about 45 medals including 10 gold and 25 silver., 22 Sep 2015 - 18:09, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia has triumphed at the 2015 Biathle and Triathle World Championships and earned dozens of medals.

The nation won about 45 medals including 10 gold and 25 silver; the final number will be released as soon as organisers finish calculating the final results.

Batumi on Georgia’s Black Sea coast hosted the prestigious event for the first time in the history of the competition.

Georgia’s Henri Kuprashvili, 69, made a slice of history on the final day of the tournament when he became the oldest gold medal winner of the Championships.

He was the overall winner of the triathle, which involved 4x loops of a course involving laser pistol shooting, a 50m swim and 400m run.

"I did nothing special,” the pensioner told modestly.
"Anyone can do it if they get prepared for it.”

Henri Kuprashvili, 69, became the oldest gold medal winner of the Championships.

Kuprashvili trained in running and swimming at Lisi Lake, a small lake in capital city Tbilisi.

As for shooting, he said: "I’m a man who has been in a war so shooting is not an unfamiliar thing to me.”

Kuprashvili said the competition athletes needed not only physical strength but psychological readiness as well.

"You need nerves of steel to not shake your hand and aim at the target after you have swum and run so fast,” he said.

Meanwhile, the biathle consisted of a 1km run followed by a 100m swim then another 1km run.

Georgia had champions in both sports in different age categories, from Boys and Girls Juniors and Youths to Women’s and Men’s Senior’s and Masters.

laser pistol shooting was part of the triathle, which also involved swimming and running.

Egypt was the dominant force during the entire competition.

Viacheslav Malishev, president of Georgian Modern Pentathlon and Triathlon National Federation, said: "The competition was a big success for our Federation and for Georgia in general. We took extra care with our preparations because we wanted to have the best Biathle/Triathle World Championships ever”.

More than 800 people came to Georgia from abroad to take part in the Championships.

Klaus Schormann, President of the International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM), echoed Viacheslav’s sentiments and said: "When I visited Batumi in May I saw how well they were organising these Championships and now we can see the result. The water was warm and clean, [it was] great sunny weather for everybody and the athletes performances were outstanding. That is what I really liked to see.

"Batumi leaves a special legacy for the UIPM. Everybody will go home with a great memory of a fantastic Biathle/Triathle World Championships here. The 32 countries involved will speak back home about Georgian hospitality.”

The next Biathle/Triathle World Championships will be held in Florida, United States in 2016.