Three generations of Georgian female filmmakers shine at Memory Festival

12 Jun 2015 - 13:43

  • Screenshot from the movie Some Interviews on Personal Matters directed by Lana Gogoberidze in 1977., 12 Jun 2015 - 13:43, Tbilisi,Georgia

The work of Georgia’s first female film director Nutsa Gogoberidze and her dynasty has reached international audiences at one of Myanmar’s top festivals this month.

The Memory! International Film Heritage Festival through the theme of ‘Women’ hosted three movies of a three generational line of female film directors alongside 60 films from around the world in Yangon, Myanmar from May 29 to June 7.

This film festival was created in 2013 as a way to continue the very few festivals dedicated to cinema heritage around the world.

The festival was designed to make filmmakers and audiences aware of the value of film heritage and the importance of film preservation and restoration in Asia and Europe.

Georgia held a special role at the festival where three films, created by three generations of women from the same family, were presented.

A film named Buba directed by Nutsa Gogoberidze in 1930, Some Interviews on Personal Matters by her daughter Lana Gogoberidze and modern Georgian movie about a woman’s life Line of Credit [Kreditis Limiti] directed by her granddaughter Salome (Nutsa) Aleqsi-Meskhishvili, commonly known Salome Alexi were shown at the 3rd annual film festival.

The Georgian movies were screened in the presence of Lana Gogoberidze and her daughter Salome Alexi on June 1.

Line of Credit [Kreditis Limiti] is Salome Alexi’s first feature film and is about a woman in her 40s trying her best to keep her family afloat. She owns a small shop in Tbilisi and grew up without thinking about the complexities of finance. But when money becomes tight, the protagonist Nino goes about taking loan after loan, but even as the situation gets out of hand, the film continues in a light, comedic tone.

The International Memory Film Heritage Festival is the sole international film heritage event in Asia and was considered as being one of the largest cultural events in Myanmar in 2015.