Bourbon & Banter: “Chacha: Geogia's Native Spirit“

By Tornike Khomeriki

Review by the Journalist of, 29 Jan 2018, Tbilisi,Georgia

Although Georgian winemaking heritage and products have been making headlines around the world recently, the tradition and taste of chacha, another drink produced in time-honoured traditions, has received its own share of attention from Bourbon & Banter.

The drink and its cultural significance is the focus of the website of the organisation dedicated to reviews centred around social drinking and interaction.

The feature shares impressions by Bourbon & Banter reviewer Erin Petrey of her introduction to chacha at informal receptions hosted by Ambassador of Georgia to the United States David Bakradze.

Bakradze, chief diplomat at the Georgian Embassy in Washington, is an eager teacher of Georgia’s deep roots in wine", notes Petrey as she narrates about the monthly "brunches" hosted by the ambassador.

Petrey also introduces Mamuka Tsereteli, President of the America-Georgia Business Council, who explains the cultural role of the distillation of chacha.

[The production of chacha is] a common theme in Georgian culture, one that is famous for long feasts (supra) peppered with poetic toasts", the feature reads.

Petrey's piece also delves into the gastronomical relation between chacha and khinkali dumplings while also noting the peculiar taste of the drink that has been compared to vodka.

 The oak-aged versions impart the usual caramel, vanilla, and woody flavors, yielding a rounder, earthier version of the drink", says Petrey.

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