Diplomat Magazine: Why Georgia Should Be on Your Mind

Review by Gvantsa Gabekhadze


Agenda.ge, 6 Mar 2018, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Diplomat Magazine, the premier diplomatic magazine in the Netherlands, has published the Georgian Ambassador to the EU, Natalie Sabanadze’s story on Georgia.

In the piece the Ambassador introduces foreign readers to Georgia, the country’s culture, traditions, character, sights and attractions.

In the very beginning of the story Sabanadze writes that   Georgia is a country where "a guest is a gift sent from God”.

Speaking about Georgia’s geopolitical location and the country’s soviet past, Sabanadze says that "we have never chosen to be part of the Soviet empire and never consented to the disappearance of Georgia from the map of independent nations.”

Exactly 100 years ago in 1918 Georgia established first social-democratic republic in the world and was governed by principles of democracy and equality, including equality between men and women and was dedicated to notions of progress and human emancipation,” she wrote.

Speaking about Georgian culture, the ambassador named the monuments which are in the UNESCO list and stated that Georgia prides itself to be the birthplace of viticulture.

 UNESCO recognized the Georgian traditional method of fermenting wine as a part of the world’s intangible cultural heritage,” she said.

The ambassador told readers that from early December to mid-April "you can discover Georgia’s ski resorts”, and from early May to late September the mountain villages of Georgia offer endless adventures from trekking, hiking, horse riding, mountain-biking, paragliding to rafting.

Georgians love guests. If you are lost all alone in a remote mountainous village, while trekking or hiking, you will never be left without food or shelter by locals,” she wrote.

The piece reads that having mountains and the Black sea together makes Georgia particularly attractive.

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