The Guardian: “Georgian splendour: trekking in the Caucasus“

By Tornike Khomeriki

Review by the Journalist of, 8 Feb 2018, Tbilisi,Georgia

The pristine landscape and remote stillness of Georgia's Tusheti highlands is the topic of a new travel report on The Guardian, as the province remains unreachable during the winter months.

In a feature on her impressions of trekking in the Caucasus mountains of the region, Alice Cairns tells readers about the difficulties of reaching the villages in the north-east of the country, next to the border with Russia.

[I]t’s a lengthy drive on an unmade single track that twists so sharply and rises so quickly that 68km takes five hours", says the author on the journey.

The adventure in the hilly landscape of the province itself is experienced by trekking and horseback riding on paths leading visiting travellers from village to village.

They also bring visitors just metres away from the border with the Russian regions of Chechnya and Dagestan, with guards on both sides of the state boundary.

Natural sights like the Oreti lake — located at about 3,000 metres above sea level — and nearby wildlife that includes wolves and bears menacing flocks of sheep are other specifics travellers can expect in the area.

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