BBC: “Georgia’s addictive cousin to pizza?”

Review by Lali Tsertsvadze

Review by the Journalist of, 21 Nov 2017, Tbilisi,Georgia

The travel addition of BBC has published an article about "a gooey, addictive, cheese-stuffed flatbread” that is ubiquitous in Georgia.

The article explores the origin and baking methods of khachapuri.

It says that in Georgia, one is never further than a ball-of-dough’s throw from khachapuri.

"Everything from corner bakeries to upscale restaurants serve the snack. And while certain versions of it are pizza-like, a recent poll found that 88% of Georgians still prefer it to pizza”, the article says.

The author said that in fact, khachapuri is so popular that economists have coined the term khachapuri Index, inspired by the Big Mac Index once created by the Economist. Georgian economists monitor inflation by tracking the production and consumption of the main ingredients in khachapuri: flour, cheese, butter, eggs, milk and yeast.

The article also stressed that nearly all of Georgia’s regions have their own variation of khachapuri, which directly translates as cottage-cheese bread, since the often used chkinti cheese is curdy.