Trip with camel for 22 years. Latest stop -Tbilisi, Georgia

By Tamar Khurtsia, 19 Nov 2013, Tbilisi,Georgia

Roland Verdon who introduces himself as "Deveci Gorhan," received the title of the "Most Original Traveller form the National Tourism Administration of Georgia, a governmental body responsible tourism sector development.

Gorhan, a gipsy with no settled home, unexpectedly mixed his Nomadic lifestyle in the contemporary life of Tbilisi. Before Gorhan received the honor title, we got interested about his lifestyle and I together with a photographer visited him at the Hippodrome. This was a horse racing place in Tbilisi where he has settled with his livestock.

Gorhan welcomed us while talking about his lifestyle.

Gorhan was forced to stop temporarily in Tbilisi because he has some problems with visa documents. The Russian border-guards have not given him the permission to cross the Georgian/Russian border.

"The border-guard said that they will not allow me to enter Russia from the Georgian border and now I have to travel to Russia from other routes, he said. Gorhan plans to go to Mongolia, as that country is the best place to buy another camel.

The Head of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia (GNTA), Giorgi Sigua handing a Swiss traveler Roland Verdon the certificate of the "Most Original Traveler"Photo: GNTA press office

"I am moving from one place to another with livestock, says while feeding Chini, cabbage that we brought. Chini would be hungry or full depends on the donation from people.

He has been travelling between Europe and Asia, along the Silk Road in his truck, which he calls the Phaeton for 22 years in 38 countries. Georgia is the latest stop this summer.

The livestock of Gorhan also include four goats Gui, Gula, Giankina, and Gianka, a chicken and a dog Gilda that recently gave birth to five puppies.

"This , with four wheels, is my house as well as the transportation mean. The chicken is a clock. On the roosters crow, I get up every morning, he explained.

Gorhan said that he started his tour for his own fulfillment, but that it later became a presentation of Nomadic culture and a desire to help sick children using camel therapy.

"I would like to keep alive and introduce a destroyed culture. Modernized people look down on villagers, however, a human being is a part of nature and needs to be with it, he added.

For this purpose, Gorhan also established a Gittaohan group of peoples project that travels the old Silk Road following the steps of all the courageous caravans.

"We try to promote cultural reality and traditions of the Silk Road, he said.

He believes that the collaboration project that is comprised of people of mixed nations aims to promote an international message of peace and sensibility.

Gorhan is looking for business partners to organize the Camel Caravan in Georgia. "Camel Caravan will attract tourists to Georgia and established a camel therapy program.

Gorhan has arrived in Georgia but never knows when he leaves; he only worries about the puppies as he would not be able to take all of them when leaving.