The Economist: Georgia is the new Black (Sea fashion hub)

4 May 2018

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By Mariam Papidze

Economic Editor,4 May 2018 Tbilisi,Georgia

The Economist published an article about Georgian fashion revolution saying "Georgia is the new Black”.

Like in other articles published by various international media outlets, a native of Georgia named Demna Gvasalia brought The Economist’s attention towards Georgia.

Vetements, a Zurich-based fashion house, showed off a T-shirt inspired by DHL, a courier firm and Spain’s Balenciaga fashion house sells something like an IKEA blue carrier bag and Demna Gvasalia stands behind these fashion ideas as a creative director of both fashion labels.

While this is called "anti-fashion”, international media is searching for the inspiration of Gvasalia’s ideas – what drives the designer’s creative mind.

"Mr Gvasalia fled the Georgian civil war as a child and studied design in Antwerp. Now his homeland is latching onto his success. Georgia once made drab clothes for the victims of communism; its garment industry collapsed with the Soviet Union. Now it serves fashion victims everywhere. Western stylists, buyers and journalists flock to the Caucasus to spot the next big thing. Georgian designers sell their wares in London, Paris and New York. Clients include Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Tbilisi hosts not one but two fashion weeks”, read the article.

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