Organic Life: “Stop Buying Energy Bars - Make This Grape-And-Walnut Snack Instead”

9 Oct 2017

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By Lali Tsertsvadze

Review by the Journalist of,9 Oct 2017 Tbilisi,Georgia

Organic Life, an online edition to promote healthy eating habits, has published an article presenting the Georgian snack churchkhela.

The author describes how he first got to know churchkhela while in Tbilisi and says that churchkhela is a Georgian confection made by repeatedly dunking strands of nuts into thick, concentrated grape juice. He also says that after drying in the sun for a few days, the sticky exterior hardens around the knobbly nuts, creating a portable and shelf-stable product that might be "your new, favorite on-the-go snack”.

"The sausage-shaped treats are such nutrient-rich powerhouses - thanks to the antioxidant-packed grapes and anti-inflammatory walnuts - that Georgian warriors would take them on their military maneuvers for dependable, durable sustenance”, he says.

He adds that even today, Georgians will often pack a churchkhela or two for long hikes and car rides, though the sweets are such a labor of love that, unfortunately, most everyone buys sugar-bomb industrial versions these days.

"Having tasted the luxuriously rich and silky-textured homemade stuff in Georgian wine country, take my word for it: The hours spent threading, dipping, and drying are well worth the effort”, the author says.

By the end of the article he provides a full guide on how to make churchkhela.

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