The Telegraph: 22 European cities you’d never thought to visit (but really should)

18 Sep 2017

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By Mariam Papidze

Economic Editor,18 Sep 2017 Tbilisi,Georgia

The Telegraph, a major British media outlet, has published an article about 22 European cities, amongst which is listed Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi.

The article encourages travellers to visit Tbilisi as one of the 22 cities profiled as places that travellers have probably not considered visiting but really should.

The Telegraph journalist did not leave behind the fact that famous United Kingdom (UK)-based singer Katie Melua is from Georgia.

The article quoting Melua’s words about Tbilisi:

It's steeped in history - the old town, with its twisting alleys, is particularly fascinating. It’s a city that’s very much off the beaten track. Not many tourists have been here, which makes it all the more worth visiting”.

Read the full article here.

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