The Observer: ”Visual Proof That Tbilisi Is a Global Fashion Destination”

11 May 2017

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By Tornike Khomeriki

Review by Journalist of,11 May 2017 Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s capital is enjoying a rise as a "haven for style and emerging designers” while the city is in the midst of hosting the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, says New York-based online publication The Observer.

Dena Silver, the senior editor writing for the publication’s Style section, was among the visiting reporters covering the annual fashion event that concluded in Tbilisi on Monday.

Editors, buyers, famous Instagrammers and photographers from all around the globe have flocked to the city, to take in fashion shows and soak up the culture”, said Silver about the fashion week in her introduction to the piece.

Her report on the designers shaping the city’s transformation into a fashion spot was published on The Observer as part of its series covering the show, with the story focusing on seven designers with local roots.

The article features profiles on "the people who have helped shape Tbilisi into the international fashion destination”.

From Japanese design-inspired Ria Keburia to Moscow-based IndexFlat boutique founder Anka Tsitsishvili, it explains the background, style and creative specifics of those behind the garments and accessories displayed at the annual fashion show.

The Observer ran the story alongside another last week’s report from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, which noted the event for heralding an emergence of trends including cinema influences.

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