Conde Nast Traveler: ”Why You Should Go Hiking in Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains This Year”

18 Apr 2017

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By Tornike Khomeriki

Review by Journalist of,18 Apr 2017 Tbilisi,Georgia

Picturesque villages, a developing trail network and welcoming locals are among some of the compelling reasons to visit Georgia’s mountainous locations in 2017, says the Conde Nast travel advice website.

Published last week, the report by Benjamin Kemper details sightseeing attractions of towns and natural scenery throughout Georgia’s Greater Caucasus mountain range.

Here, at 6,000 feet [...] the natural landscape is punctuated only by the occasional village, and even those — often unpaved and virtually devoid of cars — hark back to a not-so-distant past when shepherds were the only people around”, says the author of the travel piece.

The abundance of high-rising villages and trekking locations in the country is another focus of Kemper’s story.

Though the entirety of Georgia could fit inside South Carolina, the country lays claim to four of Europe’s ten highest summits, more than 100 miles of waymarked trails, and countless off-the-beaten-path routes ripe for exploration”, describes the Conde Nast Traveler summary.

The growing range of trail network designed to allow tourists to experience Georgia’s cultural and natural riches also gets a mention in the story, as does the ongoing state support for expanding the network.

The piece also mentions staying options while exploring popular travel spots like the town of Stepantsminda, which was named by Conde Nast Traveler among 14 Emerging Destinations Around the World last week.

The travel report concludes by recommending Georgia as a location where "your first visit is unlikely to be your last”.

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