Vogue: “5 Reasons to Explore the Mountains of Georgia”

14 Apr 2017

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By Lali Tsertsvadze

Review by the Journalist of Agenda.ge

Agenda.ge,14 Apr 2017 Tbilisi,Georgia

Famous American fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue has published an article describing the beauty of the Georgian mountains.

In a piece named "5 Reasons to Explore the Mountains of Georgia” the author says that Georgia’s natural beauty - vineyards, seaside, mountains, forests - remained hidden behind the Iron Curtain for much of the 20th century. She adds that when seven decades of Soviet rule ended in 1991, the country finally reappeared on the map of the Western world. 

"Georgians, a proud, gregarious, food-and-wine-obsessed people, may be the world’s most welcoming hosts” says the author, Jennifer Murphy. 

Then she names her reasons why the country, and especially its mountains, is the place worth visiting. Some of the reasons includes the Georgian cuisine, which she thinks is the "ultimate comfort food”, also the opportunity to "fly in the clouds” and many more.

The article is accompanied with picturesque photographs from the mountains of Georgia.

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