The Telegraph: “21 European cities you never thought to visit - but definitely should“

11 Jan 2017

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By Tornike Khomeriki

Review by Journalist of,11 Jan 2017 Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi was named among 21 "must see” destinations in Europe by the travel advice section of The Telegraph newspaper’s website.

Included amongst cities like Italy’s northern city of Bergamo and the picturesque coastal city of Tavira in Portugal, Tbilisi was deemed a "city finally coming into itself” by the travel piece published on the website last week.

The inclusion of the Georgian capital in the newly compiled list follows an earlier city guide of Tbilisi by Claire Allfree of the British newspaper.

The report called the city "the busy heart” of the Caucasus region while illustrating its architecture, cultural venues and attention to cuisine.

Tbilisi has always been a magnet for artists and writers, and its soul remains visible not in the gleam of its new office districts, but in its domed churches, hidden courtyards, its cosmopolitan, foreign-language bookshops, and most of all in the hazy streets of its labyrinthine Old Town”, said the guide.

The experiences included in the piece also touched on the displays of local artistic and historical legacy preserved in Tbilisi’s many museums.

I popped into The Museum of Fine Arts for an account of recent Georgian art history and whiled away a sober hour at the exhibition of Tbilisi under Soviet Occupation in the National Museum of Georgia”, said Claire Allfree in the report.

The travel article on Georgia’s capital concluded by advising prospective visitors to "get here fast before everyone else does”.

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